Product Design

It goes without saying, proper product design is the key to any project. Plumeria's experienced team of Analysts, Designers and Project Managers can ensure your requirements are effectively defined, executed and delivered. We believe in complete transparency with our customers and keep you not only informed, but involved throughout the project.

Web and Mobile

Our team has been doing both Web and Mobile Development from the beginning. Whether you are looking for a solution to reach and inform your customers/partners/employees or looking for an Enterprise-Class solution to deliver dynamic data, we can bring this to realization fast! Our team is well versed in the latest development for the Web, iOS, Android and much more!


Many people think of Blockchain Technology as it was implemented for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but most don't understand its real potential. Blockchain Technology is a very powerful tool that can be used in almost any industry, including medical, government, transportation or even alongside Internet of Things to both publicly and privately store and share data. Its basis is a digital ledger, similar to how you would balance a checkbook but it is not just limited to simple data like transaction values. Data within this digital history can be encrypted and shared across servers, including with other people. Plumeria Solutions has been pioneering solutions using Blockchain Technology from the beginning. We can help evaluate and implement its applicability to your needs.

of Things

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is often confusing for many people. It is the gateway and beginning of both Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous systems. Whether your solution is consumer facing or industrial Internet of Things, we have you covered! The keys to success are usability and integration. Our team can help you build and implement an internet-based device that your end users will appreciate. We focus initially on the user experience and ensure that our full circle lifecycle development integrates this with the actual hardware that delivers the service. Plumeria's team will share valuable advice learned from other projects to help both keep your costs down and success rate up.


Working Process

We recognize that every solution requires different process, but they all share a common structure behind its delivery. Plumeria Solutions will customize and articulate the formal delivery process for your project during our solution definition and Statement of Work.

Solution Definition
Customer Approval
Development and Testing


Being on the leading edge does not necessarily make the most sense for any project. Plumeria Solutions is continually keeping up with and retooling its delivery options not just include the latest in technology, but the ones that have rich potential for our customers.

With some of the brightest minds in the software industry, our team is extremely competent in some of the latest technology solutions being used for software delivery today.

Knowing the latest technology solutions is essential to both Plumeria's and our customers future. The way people use technology is continuously evolving, and for this reason, we have to adapt to match it with the latest tools to implement solutions.

Our highly experienced team makes it a habit to keep up with changes, often before most people even know it is coming. Once a technology gets to a maturity level, we begin its evaluation for every customer solution.